The Investigative Journalism Foundation is a nonprofit newsroom focused on public interest journalism. We are a new kind of media outlet, built around databases on who donates to politicians across Canada, who lobbies them, and how the government spends your money.

As a nonprofit, nonpartisan media outlet, our primary purpose is to serve the public. We do this by publishing in-depth investigative journalism that speaks truth to power. Our databases are also used by other journalists, academics, policymakers and individuals seeking to increase transparency and strengthen Canadian democracy.

We believe in a collaborative model and are proud to partner with other media outlets, post-secondary institutions, and the Fast Forward 2024 Accelerator Program to ensure our journalism has as wide a reach as possible. We are supported by individuals who believe in the importance of public interest journalism. You can subscribe to support our work here. We believe radical transparency is vital for media outlets as well as politicians. We disclose the names of all our donors here.

We're proud to be members of the National NewsMedia Council of Canada and the Institute for Nonprofit News. Details on our team can be found below. You can send story tips here.