We’re proud to publish investigative stories from freelancers focused on changing Canada for the better.

Here’s what you should know before pitching:

  • We pay $1.25 per word. You deserve to know how much you’ll be paid. Research shows that when employees know how much their peers are being paid, it helps traditionally underpaid groups, like women and people of colour, close the wage gap.
  • We’re looking for major investigative stories. We don’t commission freelance op-eds, book reviews or arts coverage. All are vital for a thriving democracy and we happily read them elsewhere. Also, $1.25 per word is above the rate paid by Canada’s leading newspapers and magazines. Consider this an indication of the quality of work we look for.
  • We commission stories that have the potential to make Canada a better place. We’re looking for investigative pieces that reveal wrongdoing on a significant scale. Stories focused on a specific locale or group of people are fine but they should speak to a broader societal issue.
  • The best pitches clearly lay out what your investigation requires in terms of travel, data, and documents. Specificity is key here. Don’t tell us you may need to collect some data. Tell us what exact data you need, where it is, and how you’ll get it.
  • We want to know why you’re the right person to tell this story. Do you have preexisting relationships with key sources? Expert knowledge of the topic area?

If the above sounds of interest, please first review our policies document and read some of our past stories here. Then fill out our form for freelance pitches. We will respond to all inquiries within three weeks.