Meghan Snider

Director of Development

Meghan leads the IJF’s fundraising and donor relations efforts. She holds an MA in political science from the University of Toronto and is currently a PhD candidate at the same, where she is writing a dissertation on the dynamics of party competition in Canadian elections. Her research interests also include the politics of immigration and multiculturalism, and far-right parties and populism.

Meghan has taught courses at U of T including “Canadian Government and Politics” and “Diversity and the Welfare State”. Meghan holds a BA from Wilfrid Laurier University. Her doctoral and master’s work have both been supported by SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarships.

Before starting graduate school, Meghan worked for three years as a kindergarten teacher in Shenzhen, China. When not working, she likes to watch tennis (especially in person), take walks (especially through cemeteries), and is trying to learn to be a better cook (with mixed results).