Interested in working at the Investigative Journalism Foundation? We’re a nonprofit media outlet building a new model for Canadian media. We are digital-first, radically transparent and laser-focused on serving the public and speaking truth to power. You can read more about who we are and what we’re building here. Current open opportunities are below. There are a few things all IJF jobs have in common though:

  • We always post salary ranges. You deserve to know how much you’ll be paid. And research shows that when everyone at a nonprofit knows how much people are being paid it helps traditionally underpaid groups, like women and people of colour, close the wage gap.
  • We encourage remote work. It’s good for work-life balance, makes staff happier, helps diversify our workforce, and has a positive environmental impact.
  • We encourage you to unplug after work hours. That means no late nights or weekends. It means messages sent after work hours should be ignored until the next day. We want you to bring your best self to work and that means having a full life outside it too.