Michael Wong

News Applications Developer

Michael holds a master’s degree in Social Data Science at the University of Oxford. He attended Oxford on a full scholarship and studied at the Oxford Internet Institute. He was also an honours graduate from the University of Toronto Scarborough with a Bachelor of Science in Physics/Astrophysics and Public Policy. He won the Manzer Graduation Prize in Public Policy, which is given to the most outstanding student in public policy. As the combination of academic experiences may imply, Michael has a deep interest in disparate fields and strives to combine those fields—in social, virtual, and physical spaces—in innovative ways to build a better, more sustainable, and more equitable world. When he’s not struggling with web scrapers and wrangling data, Michael usually indulges in single-player RPGs, metal concerts and the latest news in computing tech. Otherwise he may be spotted in the park trying to learn a variety of languages, or at home practicing his character art. His most recent obsession is the D&D web series Critical Role.