Muhammad Ahsen Bhatti

Business Development Representative

Ahsen is a dedicated Toronto-based business development representative and sales officer, with four years of experience in assisting start-ups with sales strategies. He has previously worked for companies such as AdVentures, where he was instrumental in attracting investment for numerous tech, health, and charity-based startups, along with helping them scale up their services. Prior to that, he was an analyst for Cera Maji, where he developed an operations strategy for distributing water filters for water-insecure communities in Kenya. He is currently pursuing a degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto, with a focus on the way diaspora communities interact with one another and contemporary political systems. He is committed to the IJF’s goal of spreading data-driven, unbiased news to Canadian citizens, working to expand its network as far as possible across the country, from the urban centers of Ontario to the countryside communities of Newfoundland. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering with organizations such as Building Roots, which packages and delivers food items to food-insecure individuals in Toronto. When not working for the IJF, Ahsen is fond of improving his squash skills, reading, baking poorly and playing Dungeons and Dragons.