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Data on political donations from all territories and provinces and the federal government.

Search by political party, recipient in leadership contests, individual, province or territory, or dollar amount.


Data on the revenue, expenditures, assets, liabilities, and gifts reported by registered charities since 1990.

Search by name or charity type.

Data on the number of full- and part-time employees and the salary brackets of the top-ten highest paid employees.

Search by name or charity type.

Data on donations given by charities to other charities since 1997.

Search by recipient, donor, charitable designation, amount or date.


Data on individual lobbyists, lobbying organizations, subjects being lobbied, and the government officials and agencies being lobbied.

Search by lobbying organization, lobbyist name, agency lobbied, subject matter or region.

Data on the funding that organizations registered to lobby have received from the government for all provinces and territories and the federal government.

Search by organization, funding source, amount or region.

Data on when a lobbyist met or communicated with government officials and the general subject matter of their communication.

Search by organization, lobbyist, target, subject matter or date.

Only available for British Columbia and the federal government.

Data on lobbyists who formerly held government positions and have transitioned into lobbying.

Search by organization, lobbyist or public office held.